Hydroseeding is an innovative landscaping method that uses recycled paper or wood mulch to produce lawn. A mixture consisting of water, lawn seeds, mulch, fertiliser and additives is prepared in a special machine. Then this mixture is pressure sprayed over the prepared cultivation ground. In favourable weather conditions the ground will be covered with a mowable lawn in as fast as a few weeks.

The biggest advantage of hydroseeding is its efficiency and erosion resistance. Depending on the machine, an area with the size up to 8000 m2 can be covered in one day. Thanks to high capacity the costs of this work are low. For hydroseeding it is not necessary that the surface is covered with agricultural soil, which means that the customer can save money on soil screening, spreading and transport. Erosion resistance of a hydroseeding mix is ensured by the materials (mulch, tackifier and fibres) used in it, which form a bonded layer when sprayed on the surface. As the seeds are strongly fixed in this layer, the running surface water cannot flush them away.

Hydroseeding can be used in various sites – for instance to landscape private gardens, quarters of a real estate development, sports grounds, children’s playgrounds, golf courses, stadiums, surrounding of factories, ditches and slopes by the roads, landfills and waste deposits, and areas of closed quarries.