When faced with building embankments over soft ground, it may not be economical or environmentally viable to excavate and dispose of the poor soil and replace it with granular fill. Tensar technology offers ideal cost effective solutions to reinforce the embankment base, using Basetex geotextiles, the TensarTech® Stratum™ Cellular Foundation Mattress System or where only minimal settlement can be tolerated, a Load Transfer Platform (LTP) placed over piles.

Basetex high strength knitted geotextiles are used to reinforce the base of embankments and provide additional stability against deep seated shear surfaces. They can be used to reduce or avoid staged construction periods, helping to keep projects on time and on budget. They can also be used to span potential voids in areas of mineworkings or those prone to dissolution features.

When the need is to reduce differential settlement or maximise the bearing capacity from a relatively thin soft formation, a TensarTech™ Foundation Mattress System can provide the base strengthening. TensarTech Stratum System is a 1 m deep, open top, continuous cellular structure formed from Tensar uniaxial and TriAx® geogrids. It is placed on the subsoil and filled with granular material. This creates a stiff foundation for the embankment as well as safely allowing initial construction access over the soft site.

Where settlement cannot be tolerated or there is insufficient time available for it to take place, a deep foundation solution may be the only way to resolve such a problem. Tensar Load Transfer Platform (LTP) can distribute embankment load efficiently onto a series of piles or vibro concrete columns (VCCs) which bear on firmer strata below. This avoids the cost of using a concrete raft. Depending on ground conditions, the most economic solution could be to form the LTP from good quality granular fill reinforced with multiple layers of Tensar Biaxial grids. Alternatively a design using Tensar® Basetex™ can be employed to accommodate poorer quality fill.