Tensar International was the first in the world who started manufacturing stiff polymer geogrids in the 1970s. Since then innovative high-quality products have been constantly developed to be used in a wide range of applications, such as:

  • ground stabilisation;
  • asphalt reinforcement;
  • steep slope reinforcement;
  • retaining walls and bridge abutments;
  • embankments over weak ground and piles;
  • railway trackbed stabilisation.

The products of Tensar always come with our support. This includes installation recommendations and if necessary elaboration of design solutions. We can perform a plate load test on the site to determine the load bearing capacity of the soil, take soil samples to make the required calculations in the software elaborated by Tensar. As the calculations are based on the measuring results received from the site, one may be sure that the strength of the designed pavement is sufficient.